Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lupe Fiasco x Product Red Converse Chuck Taylors

I'm not trying to swerve out of my lane and claim to be that sneaker dude like, say the homie Dallas Penn.

And I haven't rocked these since like '88.

Lupe Fiasco can rhyme his ass off, but I'm not really a fan of his.

But cot-damn! I need a pair of these in my life.

The Lupe Fiasco x Product Red Converse Chuck Taylors is f.i.y.a.h!

$100.00 if you can catch 'em.


  1. They look really nice but I kinda like Chucks cos they are not flashy and go with everything! These you gotta put a whole look together to rock them right.

  2. Product Red = Money goes to charity?

    Or money goes to Bono and he gives it out to folks?

  3. I agree with ian. I like my Chucks with a little less gloss.

    One of things I like about Chucks is that even when they get a bit run down, they still look great.

    Not sure if it would work with this pair.

  4. Patent leather sneakers.......hmmmm

  5. There's another pair that Lupe designed coming out this year I think - the Converse Spring 09 collection had a bunch of celebrity designers. The Pink Floyd 'Dark Side Of The Moon' joints are dope as is the Ozzy Osbourne straitjacket Chuck Taylor...

  6. Holy shit i hope what Keyboard K said above is a mistake. Pink Floyd?? I would've thought they'd have more taste than to cash in so blatantly on their legacy. Say it isn't so!

    oH, the lupe fiasco sneakers look ok. But i wouldn't wear them.

  7. you've been in the industry, so talk the truth- is this Lupe kid L.A. Reid or Quincy J's illigimate kid or something? How did he get on?

  8. when i first saw it about 7 months ago, i thought iyt was the greatest pair of CHucks yet. Boothe opened up a whole new can of worms getting it to match. I rock Red & Black a lot but don't think i could get away with wearing these everyday like regular chucks.