Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cool Kids "Gone Fishing" Mixtape

When they dropped their "The Bake Sale" ep last year, I was like, meh, decent concept of going retro via old-school as their whole platform, but not much else.

Just copped their latest 18 song mixtape "Gone Fishing" mixed by ATL DJ Don Cannon. The production is dirty, heavy, dense and just top-notch dope. Beats are still on that 1980's vibe but comes out sounding crisp and brand new. Not getting all up in their lyric game, but their '80's flow on top of '808's the way they're supposed to be banged (sorry Kanye) is sounding just right playing in rotation in my system right about now.

Did I mention that this gem is free and just in time for Spring? Cop you a copy here. Tell them I sent you.


  1. Recommended huh? I'm all for growth in hip hop. We'll have to wait and see if these guys beat that gimmicky hipster rap tag.

    Speaking of, saw De La Soul last night celebrate 20 years of 3 Ft High, with (tasteful) backing instrumentation (those horns man!) - and even a surprise appearance from Dres of Black Sheep.

    It was a beautiful thing.

  2. This tape is bad. Had it on repeat since Monday. Hearing younger cats flipping samples like Moments In Love definitely gives me reason to believe that the style of rap I grew up loving isn't quite dead and buried just yet...Looking forward to When Fish Ride Bicycles

  3. the cool kids are the truth

  4. damn, VERY pleasantly surprised. jammin. cheers cj