Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal

The homie Mookie over at Def Thought thought it would be a good idea to interview me. I was most definitely interested as well as honored. Didn't know he would go that in with regard to my background, but he was able to get more shit outta me on his site that I usually drop over here. If you so inclined to do so, peep the interview in it's entirety over here.

I think dude did a great job, if I may say so myself. Heh.


  1. Congrats, CJ... As a social & cultural history dude, I dig the first question and answer most, younger people need to know the CONTEXTS more, which you give 'em.

    Interesting to see Fleetwood Mac in there, I've got friends who are WAY into the whole Lindsay Buckingham = Genius scene thp' I'm not all the way there yet myself. Are you a "Tusk" man by chance? (ll, just to be careful!)

  2. That was a good interview, We want to hear about the diddy weekend. Your wife will understand because she knows that you love her and the kids. That attorney client thing is understandable but you can always do the blind item things or write another book with changed names and strong hints.

  3. Good interview, but the Aruban story was effin' hilarious. Good way to end the day...

  4. 1."I started dating a fellow student whose pops was Ambassador to a foreign state, so I was whipping the Benz through our nation's capitol, diplomatic plates on blast."

    2.I did appreciate dating an ambassador's daughter and whipping her Toyota Supra tricked with the diplomatic plates throughout the streets of DC.

    Yo you said it was a "Benz" dude dont start lien about things now i believe in you.

  5. ^"Yo you said it was a "Benz" dude dont start lien about things now i believe in you."

    Hmm, she drove the Supra, her dad had the Benz, I drove both, what's so hard to believe?

    And who the hell r u anyways?

  6. Hold on B i have a lot of respect for you and your blog dont get it twisted u put it out that u were wippin the Benz never talking about "THE TOYOTA" sorry u got made emotional B.

  7. Yo CJ nice story on the previous entry. You Should Review the Newest Cool Kids mixtape I havent listened to such dope rhymes and beats that are flawless in the simplicity and delivery in such a long time. My Album of the year so far and so far there has been some real dope music. Shout out to Killa!

  8. ^ "You Should Review the Newest Cool Kids mixtape I havent listened to such dope rhymes and beats that are flawless in the simplicity and delivery in such a long time."

    I did. Shit is fiyah!

  9. Keep up the good work Mr. Osse know disrespect i enjoy your blog like the next fan.

  10. STEELY DAN?!?! Sheeeut, CJ is a dude after my own ears....."Throw out your gold teeth and see where they rolllllllll"


  11. CJ- :) good interview. I'll have to check out that bling book.

    Vampire weekend is my sh-t. I found out about them watching a promo for a Japanese MMA card.

    Your stories have inspired me to start a blog of my own it's called Ghettos of the mind ( it out sometime

  12. CJ,

    First up im writing this from melbourne, Australia. Major props on your blog.

    I first visited your site to read the article on dame dash which blew me away. I love the way you showed how rocafella was build only becasue of years of hard work and hustle, and not overnight. Also its guys like dame who scream and shout for theirs who open doors in the music biz. I also like that you, someone who knows from direct experience, said that jay, as talented as he is, would not be where he is without dame and biggs taking care of the business side of things.

    I have watched all he rocafella stuff including backstage, and you can see that in reality jay is quiet and a little aloof. It seems to me that dame has become the bad guy in the media because he stands up for his shit. Also funny to me is that all the people dame had conflict with kev liles, lyor cohen and steve stoute, jay is now friends with. Im not saying that jay should not be friends with these people but he clearly shitted on dame and biggs when he realised he no longer needed them.

    Unfortunately at the end of the day people will take advantage of a situation where they can make more for themselves, and loyalty takes a back seat.

    Here is a short list of things i'd love to hear from you in the future, although i know that we probaly won't get to read mush of this because it will affect you relationships, career prospects. Below:

    1. Dame dash, Jay and Biggs and Rocafella, the early days,come up.
    The music industry is full of characters, and dame is just one of them. I still don't think he gets his props. I love how dude is in a high profile relationship with someone and all of a sudden he has a kid out of nowhere from another girl. I even read he keeps her in another apartment in tribeca. Also the truth of the matter with dame is that his arrogance keeps him from staying in the industry. He brags way too much, which he has a right to do, but at the end of the day people dont ike to hear about that. Just look at russell simmons. He is hella rich but he doesn't go around saying im the best.

    2. Puffy! His come up and early days. He is one f the few to remain relevant and make a stack. He has 5 kids, with 4 different women, but still get photographed hugging cassie in central park. he is a modern day pimp.

    3. who really controls the music industry. Like mos def said " a tall israeli is running this rap shit. Guys like lyor dont have huge profiles but look at the power they yield. I love how rappers show off their bentleys , but lyor stays living in a 40 million crib on the upper east side. Also, the real power behind music, like the broffman family etc.

    4. Your days at def jam. I want to know about the what really went down between lyor, rick ruben, and russell.

    5. Your university days. Im at college and it times can get mad depressing. but you got to get through them. Let us know how it was for you.

    6. If you where leaving college again, would you become a lawyer, start your own records label, or work in a different industry altogether.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write.

    peace! M