Sunday, April 26, 2009

Iron Man: Armored Adventures

I missed this last Friday, 7pm on Nicktoons. Not too keen on the yung Tony Stark, but heard and read it was dope. Did anyone see it?


  1. Yeah that looks pretty cool. I like the near cell shaded animation. Will have to watch.

  2. Not sure that clip made any kinda sense but i like the animation. reminded me i still havent seen the dark knight. Fuck my job

  3. Oh man, I remember when they did the Iron Yout ting in the comic book.

    Those were some sorry ass days in The Avengers Universe.

  4. I should also add, the art style and animation here is dope.


    I know they're trying to stay away from the Fu Manchu stereotype, but Mandarin is looking kinda dumb in this series.