Friday, April 24, 2009

A Letter To Eskay And Byron Crawford

Wow. You both know how much I love, live for blog beef. That shit right there is what brought me to this game in the first place. Being that we somewhat fit into the Hip Hop blogger category, it's most definitely par for the course. It's kinda weird though, when two of my favorite bloggers actually get into it against each other. Especially two bloggers that I'm personally cool with. You already know how I came into the game on Byron's site, that right there is a debt of gratitude that I can never forget. And Eskay showing me continuous support, from personally coming out to my book signing to endorsing this blog through the links and what not, whose effin' with that? I'll be the first to admit that beef in this arena has been overdue for some time now, I just didn't expect that it'd be between you two.

Byron, you did fire the first shot by insinuating that the homie was somehow on some payola payroll ish (as if you didn't know). And then you blasted again. We all know how you get down, you're the original shit talker and I get that. From my perspective though, seeing how hard Eskay goes in on the daily over at Nahright, it's more than apparent that the man takes a great deal of pride in his work. So much even that I can see where dude might could get offended by someone calling into question the very shit that makes him one of the very few that's on top of his game: his integrity. Plus the fact that Eskay rarely goes out his lane to eff with other bloggers on some stray shots shit, one can deduce that he's really not the one to play. But eff it, that's what you do, that's what's kept your name on people's screens for so long, you are the original shock blogger and I respect that. I would never ever suggest you switch your style up, I dig your game that much, plus that's not why I'm here. And I'm doubting very much that you would ever take too kindly to any types of suggestions of that sort. I'm just saying maybe, just maybe, you might be enjoying pushing dude's buttons a lil too much.

Eskay, I hear you man, sometimes you just gotta get shit off yer chest, let a knicca know when playtime is over. At the same time, you been in this game long enough to know how Crawford gets down. That nigga be on his best prowl trying to get under EVERBODY's skin. I'm surprised he ain't come for me yet. I see how you run a tight ship and make it a point to stay out of the bullshit, how you remain focused on building the empire that is the Nahright brand, but you been already know how this dude is, enjoying the fact that he set someone off, while he's chilling out in the mid-west, way off in the comforts of his home. Some battles are most definitely worth it, this one, in my humble opinion, is not. Still and all though, gotta respect your gully for drawing the line in the sand. I didn't expect to see you coming, but I can always expect and respect how every now and then, you just gotta check someone. Plus, I see how you kept it moving with like the next 20 posts in the same day, and without blinking an eye. Heh.

Grown men are gonna be grown men and I'm not here to play mediator to a peace treaty on some Russell Simmons/ Ben Chavis ish. If it's a beef ya'll have, then so be it, I'ma just have to pull up a chair and watch how this shit transpires from the sidelines. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I'm kinda fucking mad that I gotta remain all neutral and shit, not being able to jump in with the flagrant comments and diss co-signs whenever the opportunity arises. Two of my favorite bloggers going at it is not the beef I've been waiting for. Especially when all this bullshit kinda originated with the white boy dropping an ambiguously racial twitter comment.


  1. CJ, I thought you said blog beef was the new hip hop?
    What's with the treaties and shit?
    Nah, let Eskay get exposed for the bitch that he is. No treaties.

  2. ^I'm just sayin I'm impartial to this one. No peace treaties, just refraining from my usual sideline antics. I really am cool personally with both cats.

  3. see my comment in the bc.c thread. its essentially what you wrote here minus about 200 words. these guys do different things. bol is bummed and firing at es because of some YN shit, which is lame, but es firing back con fuego is just super wack due to his M.O., which is less editorializing and more real-time content. in my assessment they both LOSE, especially for those of us that have been checking for years. not to be sexist, but thats on some little highschool girl shit.

  4. I personally lost some respect for Nah Right. It's funny how they follow everything else blow-by-blow but were sitting around waiting for Asher to smooth things over before talking? And then on top of that being on some turn the other cheek shit? Disgusting.

  5. @ the above commenters

    So wait.. thrashing Asher without a reasonable explanation is the logical move here?! you need more education. What if his account was actually hacked?! What if he meant it as a slight to imus?! What if you senstive hoes are taking this too far?!.... Boom roasted!

    Combat jack... Your blogs are extremely entertaining keep up the good work meng.

  6. Did Nah Right wait for Rick Ross to comment before posting Officer Ricky post #34? Hell no. Now all of a sudden their golden child does something colossaly stupid and their waiting for an explanation? Please.

    They were ACTUALLY hoping to ignore it. Notice many other blogs that "go hard" for Asher are acting as if this whole thing never happened. Nah Right got called out though, that's the difference.

  7. CJ - you on the payola with the non comment. Who cares? Since you can't get your hands dirty...eskay got exposed. Bol is a biotch but he's right. Usually them kniccas update like cnn, and now they were mysteriously silent?!? Es, we don't believe you.

    And Roth's album was ehhhh, mediocre at best. Good effort, but product not right. And thats a comment pertaining to the music not the muse.

    BTW - Ross KO'd 50. You're on that Richard Steele.

  8. i dont check your site often, Jack, but you kicked the truth in this one. props.

  9. im with bol... asher roth is overated and all these dickriders sound like they on they periods... get over yourselves bitches

  10. "Rap doesn't need Black people or Black listeners the same way that Capitalism no longer needs Detroit."-

    I have come to the conclusion that we are unwilling to knowledge that post Chronic hip hop is by and large about the consumption of Black death by Whites and other Non White People.

    Asher Roth x Don Imus x Nappyheaded Ho's.


  11. Man, this shit is wild. I hope this blog payola thing doesn't get outta hand. I do question some of the music choices some of the bloggers post on their sites. But as Eskay said, if you don't like it, keep it movin'. Me personally, i fux with all the blogs but EVERYBODY should be up and arms about Asher Roth's fuck up. Demand an apology or explanation from him and his management video it and post to all of the blogs. Simple. Morals & Principles anyone??