Friday, April 10, 2009

Asher Roth: "As I Em"

Other than that college song, I have not given dude a listening too. Too much hype, plus that whole white rapper who sounds a little bit like the G.O.A.T white rapper thingie. Decided to pass on him until the CD dropped, give him the full dissection. Just listened to this. Sounds like a white rapper who sounds a little bit like the G.O.A.T. white rapper. I slept. Kid is effin mangoes on this one. Really want to hear the CD now.

I'm not mad at Asher Paul Roth

Courtesy of DJ Vlad.


  1. I like how Combat Jack can be grown enough to say that maybe upon a second listen shit ain't as bad as he imagined.

    Now if only I could convince him to fux with '808s & Heartbreak' (no fishsticks)

  2. Asher Roth is a gimmick. His shit ain't horrible, but it's not worth the attention he gets. People are still memorized by a white emcee in '09, really? Let's be real that's the only reason he gets shine is because the sorority chicks need a friendly face to relate to because "those rappers from harlem are like really scary...oh my god", and that shit is reflected in soundscans.


  3. ....and yet in 2009 Ill Bill is still slept on.

  4. I wonder if eminem would do a song with this dude if he becomes strong or would he stay as far away as fuckin possible to avoid any bullshit.

    and oh yeah.....La Coka Nostra

  5. I think dude has talent.

    ...and its still nice to see somebody drinking scotch with breakfast. peace to my 10 AM drinkers.

  6. "...and its still nice to see somebody drinking scotch with breakfast. peace to my 10 AM drinkers."

    ^ Spot on.

  7. Kid sounds like a lazy Em on Gym Class Heroes beats, gonna have to pass

  8. clever kid, likeable but sort of forgettable songs, great marketing plan and nice website


    Eminem>Cage>Brother Ali>Ill Bill>Apathy>Copywrite
    >>>>>>>>Asher Roth

  9. Who cares? Enough with the dumb comments comparing white rappers. You just sound corny when you do that.

    Point blank---it's music. Either you dig it or your don't.

    He can rap. I don't think that is a debateable issue.

    And generally, all mainstream rap has some kind of gimmick nowadays.

  10. ^^^ By the way----This was meant for the commenters, not CJ.

  11. He really hasn't got over Jay passing on him has he?