Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lars von Trier's Antichrist - Official Trailer from Zentropa on Vimeo.

Sorry I've been taking a while cooking up some more posts. They're coming, trust. But in the meantime, I just came across this trailer which looks creepy as all "hell". The movie is directed by this Danish cat Lars von Trier. Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the flick is about a married couple who take to the woods in order to cope with the death of their young son. Like most movies, once they get to settle down in their cabin, the shits and giggles start to pop off. Enjoy.

Courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.


  1. Looks good....Hmmm...that last scene definantely went with the horror theme...lol. Gratuious sex scene with Willem Defoe, that was scary (shudders thinking about it).
    Also, Your blog is greatly appreciated. The things you write about resonate with certain things that have occured in my life. If I had the ability to write it would mirror your style.

    Sparks aka Bezzle
    Columbia SC by way of Queens NY

  2. Yeah, that shit looks pretty buckwild. That along with the Raimi joint, and I might need to sleep with a night light

  3. I am stoked to see Lars coming back to horror without that Dogme 95 bullshit. This is gonna rule. The Kingdom is one of the best horror series ever, so I have astronomical expectations for this one!

  4. Von Trier has a nastiness to his work that few can rival in the semi-mainstream. After most of his films I'm left drained (and sometimes annoyed). I'm glad he's shaken off the handicam though.

    Well worth a look.

  5. never heard of this dude... but just from this trailer im hooked... shits creepy as hell meng