Monday, April 27, 2009


What's better than good Hip Hop + Comic books?

I called my brother from another borough Dallas Penn this weekend to see what was popping off since I was playing Mr. Dad with my four kids. He told me he had just taken a "deuce" at Bloomingdale's while in the midst of shooting a DOOM video. I quickly changed the subject since his poop fixation is not at all amusing to me. I assumed he was palling around with the artist DOOM, and even asked if he caught a glimpse of dude with his mask off. Heh. Little did I know he was working on this.


I am so jealous right now.


  1. yo DP is sick. Can you tell him to please come back to twitter.

  2. The video really captures the asthetic of DOOM's live performances. Just like a DOOM show, you get to see the mask covering someone/soemthing that's decidedly NOT Daniel Dumile. Said person/thing just stands there mechanically as DOOM's music plays in the background.

  3. Fam,
    I was literally on the terlet when you called me. You thought I was bullshitting, but I was just shitting.

    DOOM album is sick fire.

  4. Dopeness
    Saw DOOM at the NYC Nokia Theate a couple years back -aight show that got better as the drinks kept coming. He wasn't Big Daddy Kane but he certainly was D. Dumile. raw lyrics
    I never understood why he'd get someone else to jump on stage for him- I could understand if he double-booked and wanted to get paid by two places at once... but unless he was too incapacitated to perform -the bs ain't worth it.

  5. This is not the official shit though, right? Nice effort by Dp though.

  6. Maaaaan Effff DP & his meeting!