Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown Spared From Taking It In The Ayyy! [||]

I like smart people. Smart people make smart decisions. They have the ability to put aside follosih things like sentiment and emotion in order to sensibly rationalize their way through some "tight spots". I'm sure you've heard how the light skinted homie Chris Brown made a very wise and smart decision yesterday. Going into trial, Brown was facing at least four years behind bars for man-handling that lil' island treat that is Rihanna earlier this year. He opted to plead guilty and landed 5 years probation and 180 days community service in his home state of Virginia.

In addition, Brown is under a restraining order requiring him to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, except at industry events, where he has to maintain his distance of 10 yards. Rihanna's lawyer requested a less-restrictive order.

Being a smart person myself, I'm seeing how Tina Davis, his manager, convinced him how there's like a legion of hardcore inmates having a rub fest waiting in anticipation for the 20 year old superstar singer to be incarcerated, how they were lining up to see who would become the lucky boyfriend to the troubled entertainer. Maybe she had him over for a lil' r&r, and as she was putting on him, "accidentally" popped in her dvd copy of Penitentiary, the 1970's classic and brutal tale of how another light skinted dude (Leon Kennedy) got hisself locked up. If you haven't seen this, please run and rent it.

Or maybe it's because he and "Ri-Ri" are still smashing. You know how ignorant and forgiving young love is. Why do you think her team wanted a less restrictive order? I'm now thinking Rihanna herself leaked them nude pics of herself earlier this year, just to make sure to remind Chris of what he'd be missing behind bars. The minute she walked into the courtroom, nigga was like "I'm pleading!!!".

Like I said, I like smart people. I might have to check for his next album release.


  1. Funny post, I dig the Penitentiary refeence Too Sweet was the man. Smart move pleading out a trail could mean some serious jail time.

  2. CJ, you are one funny mother f'r, lol
    and we kinda think alike too, casue i thought the same thing back a few days ago, that she might have released them pics just to show him what he missing.
    On the real though, I'm happy he finally got that part behind him.

    But Honestly, I think he should have tried and gone for some time and less probation, 5 years of staying clean is hard man. I mean he is gonna be under a microscope.

  3. A smart move would have been walking away before the lil homie channeled his inner Ike turner on her ass what he did yesterday was simply listen to his team of attorneys and management

  4. agree with young, just cause his management is smart don't mean dudes got anything between his ears. He's proved it by beating her in the first place.

  5. Have to agree with these dudes above....I'm surprised at your comments. What Chris Brown did is messed up, man. He deserves no props whatsoever.