Monday, June 22, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Ain't Nothing To Eff Wit!

Bloggers beware. If you know what's good for you, you'd better leave the Black Eyed Peas' name out of your mouth. So it's all over the news about how, in Toronto, at the Much Music Awards, Fergie of the famed group spotted gossip blogger Perez Hilton and stepped to him about how he stays trashing the group on his blog.

Not happy with how Hilton responded, Fergie ran up to fellow member and pointed out Perez in the crowd. Allegedly, stepped to the famed pink crusader and ordered him to stay clear of dissing he, Fergie and the other members of the group. Infuriated that a member of the BEP had the nerve to step to him, Perez let off on a verbal tirade screaming out how was all types of faggot (as caught on tape here). At which point, and in my opinion, rightfully so, the group's manager Polo Molina proceeded to duff Hilton out with the expediency. Polo, by the way, is a chap that sometimes goes about flying in private planes looking like a cocaine drug lord fried on that snow white white.

That's when Hilton got all twittered up and dropping videos about how embarassing it is for a gay man to have to get his ass beat up by members of a group that go around looking like they're members of the rap/singing X-Men.

My question is WTF is up with Perez? Didn't he hear about how the BEP stay in beef, how they got all dance limberied up and proceeded to kicked ass at the punk taping of famed MTV's "Punked" gone wrong?

Dunno about you but I wouldn't be so quick to get all mouthy around a group of grown ass men who make their money going around dressed like fairy tale characters, especially since they have a penchant for flipping around and air twisting like it's nobody's business, and fake rapping while at it.

Maybe Perez would have been better off cussing out the short lil fellow with the mowhawk. Or mebbe he should have dropped the dreaded N-bomb instead. It's all going so crazy when the homo dude decides he's going full gully against the rappers.

Or maybe it's all that Boom Boom Powing they've picked up from their homie Curtis Jackson.


  1. I like how he was tweeting about getting his ass kicks and then proceeded to ask people to call the police when he was using a cellphone to tweet

  2. yeah that phone shit is the funnies thing ever, dude is bleeding and on twitter and asks other 2 call the cops via his twitter instead of calling em himself, hahahahah...

  3. Wow. 5 albums and countless wack-ass records later, The BEP's have finally proven why they were once signed to Ruthless Records.

    Message to Perez: stay in your place and don't step to Real Muthaphukkin' Peas.

  4. buwahahaha... about time that fuckin homo got his ass beat... dude makes cheddar just fuckin w/ ppl and stirrin shit up... fergie shoulda atomic wedgied that pillowbiter nuff said...

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  6. "just for this i might cop the new BEP, on gp."

    haha word up i'll co-sign that

  7. Will I Am - government name Willam Adams, grew up in an all Mexican housing project in East LA. I'm sure he's got some grudges in the back of his head with Latin guys trying to clown him. Will and Andre 3000 are two Black men I wouldn't try and clown just because they like dressing outside the box.

  8. don't know why people think the BEP's are soft just because they dress like weirdos

    all of them, including Fergie are from relativly gully neighborhoods and the mexican dude in the group(the guy with long hair)became a black belt in karate growing up, to defend himself from ese's that tried picking on him cause he dressed like a peter pan charachter