Friday, June 19, 2009

"Why Did I Get Married?" Pt. 1

Never imagined I would have to be responsible for so many people living under one roof. Life was so much simpler then. When I was running dolo. For self. Like, I could leave my home on Monday morning and not have to come back until a week later. And my home was fresh too. One bedroom apartment on 7th between Lincoln and Berkeley in Park Slope. When rents in New York were cheaper, and neighborhoods like that had more color. New York was banging too. The club scene was crazy, and I loved the many flavors of women the city had to offer. I finally started making some decent money and the city was my playground. Kniccas was feeling so good we even named our crew the Mack Pack. Sounds corney now, but believe me how we lived up to the name. One of our boys owned a ginormous brownstone in Prospect Heights. It was massive. Eventually his wife convinced him to put it on the market as they, with kids in tow moved to the suburbs of Chicago.

My cousin Fritz, a member of our crew, was overseeing the affairs of the Brownstone. Being that it took almost two years to sell the house and we were young and full of ourselves, we did what any fly 20 something year old dudes dudes with keys to a big house would do, we started throwing parties. House parties in Brooklyn is magic, the right parties though. We'd set up the dj set, pool our monies to cop liquors and beer kegs, made sure the women to men ratio was always in favor of the fairer sex, just cause we didn't want a hard leg fest resulting in niggas fighting and all damaging the crib, and we'd be set. After a couple of joints, the rep got bigger and eventually we'd have the whole place packed, people spilling out onto the street. Regular 9-5 cats would be building with music industry execs and maybe a handful of street hustlers. And trust also, that at the end of every event, I'd find something soft and warm to hold on to, back at my crib a coupla blocks away, as the sun started to rise.

On my birthday, which falls in July, we decided to go big with a party. Fun was an understatement. Black, Latina, Asian, European, dudes was in heaven with the line-up. I was rocking the timbs with some shorts and the Jordan 23 jersey, red-bandana'd up, even though Chicago had just kilt New York in the playoffs, (Bloods and Crips hadn't yet invaded NYC). Some of my boys who were correction officers were up in the piece and you know how grimey them cats be. Had me skied the eff up and a nigga don't even get down like that. Anyways, I'm having a ball, speeding, playing host when I felt a hand touch my calf. I looked down and saw the most beautiful chick I'd ever seen in real life looking up at me. Honey colored, Asian eyes, "Nice legs, I like guys with nice legs." she said. Heh. I locked in. Pimp talk flying 'cause she started first, plus from that shit that was flowing in my blood system, me being high as a satellite. Her name was Akim. That she was a Cancer too, her birthday being 10 days before mine. Told me her pops was Black, moms was Chinese, that she was straight Brooklyn all her life, even though we never saw each other. Her body was mad athletic, but the bottom was a certified fatty. Thick thin is what she was. So zoned in was I that other than making sure most of the guests were fine, I rarely left her side. Plus, I knew how competitive my dudes were, how hungry the other kniccas in the place was for something as exotic as her. For real, mad water was gathering in my mouth, thinking about how she was gonna get ate up like a plum later that night.

"Time to go, Akim", one of her girl's said, as the clock hit 4am. I was like "she's good, really". Akim pulled herself slowly from my grip, "gotta go, nice meeting you." Damn. I spit "Lemme get your number girl, I have to see you again." "Sorry I cant, you're cute, and I had fun, but I have a boyfriend." she replied. Annoyed at the tease, aroused by the challenge, I kept her hemmed up in my corner for like another 30 minutes, talk getting more accurate, more intimate. Doing my best to break her that night, at my party, on my birthday. Her girls getting more impatient, not getting the attention she was. Eventually, we hugged for like a minute, smelling, feeling so fucking good. Taking my number, she broke off and hopped in the whip. Me standing out on Park Place scheming on how I was gonna bag Akim.

The next day, I asked my crew who invited her, who came with her. My brain was sharper now, now that I hadn't had liquors and what not, so my detective skills was in action. Found out Roslyn invited her. Roslyn was one'a my boys's from High School's sister. After waiting two days for Akim to call me, I called Roslyn. Kinda ordered her to order Akim to call me. Told Roslyn I wasn't effin around either. Felt like the prince with the glass slipper in that fairy tale. But Akim gave me the intial open, she saw me first and caught my attention on purpose. Fuck how I was gonna let that one get away.

She eventually did call me. Playing games even. Like joking about how I was sweating her through Roslyn, tracking her down. Told her she was right too, how I had to sweat that, or be crazy, or gay. Laughter. Good. Learned a long time ago that I could bag she who I made laugh. Even with no dough in the account. Made her laugh some more, until I convinced her to laugh me her telephone number. She did. First down. Tough ass defense though. But now I knew I was in. Being single, I was definitely dating, but wasn't attached to anyone seriously. Wasn't even trying to get locked down with Akim either. I just knew though, that I had to have someone that fine in my life though. Ego, attraction, whatever, like I said, I was locked in on her.

We spoke a coupla more times, always ending the convo on how I wanted that, needed that bad, she with the how she loves her boyfriend, how I wasn't her type, her type being over 6 feet tall and athletic (me being 5'8" and not trying to play games all day working up sweats and bruises with other men... [ll]). One day though, while at work, I get a call from her telling me how she was in my neighborhood, did I want to go out for lunch. Having just ate, I told her I hadn't had lunch and was available. I had her ride the elevator up, only because I wanted everyone on the floor to see the caliber of beauty I was working with. Then we walked, from 57th and Broadway to Trump Plaza on 5th Avenue. Found out she worked at some swanky eyeglass shop in the lobby of Trump. Even though she had a degree from Columbia University. My God, the summer dress she had on, looking more delicious than the night I met her. She played aloof, like a fairy flying around my head, I found more pimp talk to spit. Like how she needed a dude like me who was doing real things in the industry in her life, not her boyfriend who was in politics. Like how she moved like a wild cat and I was the one who could tame her, how it was obvious her boyfriend didn't know what kind of beast he had. She liked it too. Smiled and laughed. Telling me I was "safe" to hang with because I wasn't her type. Lunch ended way to soon, we hugged again, all the while I'm holding back from sliding my hands up her leg, from kissing her mouth. But damn if she knew where my mind was and loved how she kept me.

We were repping the legendary Melvin Van Peebles at the time. He just shot a short for a German company called "Vroom, Vroom, Vroom". He even had me play a role in it. He was using the "morph" technology that they had used in "Terminator 2" as special effects. I say this because I played... a motorcycle... that ended up having sex with the woman that rode me. (I think the movie is available on Netflix). Melvin had just wrapped and was having a screening in Tribeca. I invited Akim to join me. Maybe she'd be that more impressed with me, give her man the boot, or at the least, let me hit. The event was propers, and it was obvious I was running with good company professionally. She looked perfect on my arm too, catching stares not only from other guys that were there, but from women as well. After wards, I dropped a grip dining her at Mr. Chow's. We sat a couple of tables away from Bette Midler. Akim wasn't impressed though. Said having grown up eating authentic Chinese, she knew some way cheaper spots deep in Chinatown that would put Chow's to shame. We ended up back at my place. We talked, we laughed we kissed. But shit, no hit. Her boyfriend, "blah blah blah". Keeping cool though, I wondered why in the eff she was here with me if she was so cotdamned loyal. She eventualy left, left me with a mean case of the blue balls too, but I got that kiss, got to taste her, feel how tight and soft her body was, how good she smelled. I was getting closer. And it felt like it was coming sooner than later. Another 1st down. And regardless how tough it was, during the course of the game, the defense was weakening.


  1. Man i don't come here for no soap opera tales. Where the hip-hop industry stories at????????


    nah. i'm just playing with all that; you whipped up an engrossing read as always, keeping us fiending for the next drop. Good call Jack, not everyone who is willing to put their business out there with the realness (brings to mind some of DP dot comm's trips down memory lane).

  2. Excellent into to what I'm sure will be another great story. I was born and raised in LA, so I enjoy reading how brothas on the East Coast were living about the same time I was coming up.

    Question - is the chase as exciting as the catch? (I had to fly to London several times to finally hook my wife)

  3. CJ!!

    Damn son you got me here at my desk reminiscing, about the house parties in BK that I attened in the 90's.
    I'll tell ya the best and worst things to go to were house parties in Brooklyn!!!
    Getting your grind on, but you know at the end of the night shots will be fired, lol.
    Gotta love Brooklyn!!!

  4. Another dope post, B!

    Welp, CJ, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you and DP both MUST write autobiographies, and write each other's forewords. But then, you guys have heard this story before.

    RobLo said it best...BK house parties in the early 90's were like the center of the universe for beautiful women, and the price to pay was the party ending in gunshots popping.

  5. Damn! What happened after that? U know BK cats always reel 'em in at the end! LOL

  6. what the fuck is this?

    I thought this was a hip hop blog, not no damn stories of chasin tale when you were in your golden years.

  7. WEAK


  8. You know you had to get wifey's permission to publish this

  9. Cj keep em' coming money a new sex interest and memories are all most of us can hope to atain in our short uninspired lives....

  10. Man, I got no problem with this, but I been waiting two weeks for the lyor vs. T.I. Story, damn brother!

  11. Last time I checked, gettin money,WOMEN,and stayin fly was all a part of hip hop culture...

  12. CJ knows how to tell a love story without sounding like a sucker for love or a chump. You said June FTW and this is looking like a strong finish. Part 2 is going to be even better.

  13. Oh man lol CJ - fuck the haters; they readin this shit in their momma's basement lookin for a dissection of a post-mortem 2pac beat! haha. Great story and writing. Can't wait for part two. Daily Math stays winning!

  14. Ha! Niggas tryna tell a dude what HIS blog is supposed to be about... I'd bet my lil' humble apartment that only the blog OWNER knows for sure what his blog is about.

  15. Good post!
    ahem- and you forgot to metion WHY ROSYLN INVITED HER ! lol

  16. Vrooom, Vrooom, Vrooom,

    Some official IMDB credited shit.

  17. keep doing what you're doing CJ. this is a great read as usual.

  18. I guess we'll see a part 2 in about a month or so??

  19. i'll be honest- i expected to hear something about kedar and his arrest because of your previous post but this was an enjoyable read.
    also, did you ever go for the master cleanse or just dropped it for something less time-consuming?

  20. ?? so u met ur wife while she was in a relationship, while she was cheating on him with you....i got to hear part 2, 3 and 4 cuz i know hella drama must've occured between yall.

    a song that comes to mind for this is Ginuwine- Whats So Different?


  21. This is HipHop!!! i miss The Old New York!!
    used to be like this all over Now Why....
    It prolly feels wack to be a 20 something ...
    Thinking you are at the zenith !!! been there done that....

  22. i thought you'd be much taller than 5' 8''
    i know your cousin through BESLA,
    wait are you in besla? and if so you heading to the ABC isles in October?