Monday, March 9, 2009

We'll Always Love Big Poppa

Felt lazy like shit today, so didn't really feel like posting jack, even though it's the celebrated death day of Christopher Wallace p/k/a Biggie Smalls p/k/a The Notorious B.I.G. p/k/a Frank White, the G.O.A.T. of this rap shit. Realized I had too many memories of B.I.G. to let the day pass, so I'm dropping this piece. It was '95, and our client producers Ron "Amen Ra" Lawrence, Deric "D. Dot" Angeletie and Nashiem Myrick were on fiyah producing mad heat for the Bad Boy camp as part of Diddy's "Hitmen" production crew. Add my homie and friend Clark Kent who ruled with "Brooklyn's Finest" feat. B.I.G. and Jay-Z and my movement was unstoppable. My firm was making so much dough off them times. Life was very very bueno.

One day, one'a Puff's assistants called up my office. Bad Boy had just given their blessings for B.I.G. to be featured in a St. Ides commercial. They knew my wife, who was then an up and coming actress, was a dime + and they wanted to know if she'd be down to play B.I.G.'s "love interest" in the commercial. I was no stranger to the crooked letter I brew as a consumer, shit we all drank 40'oz like it was Vitamin Waters. My wife and I talked about it. At the time, being a young gunning music attorney with a client roster hotter than heat, I thought it might not be a good look for wifey to be all up in dude's commercial as a video hoe shilling malt liquor. Don't get me wrong, B.I.G. was most definitely a staple in the soundtrack to our lives, dude was incredible and had a tight hold on any and everything being played in NYC. Plus, I thought EVERY St. Ides commercial released was just dope. I just thought it might not be a good look. Wifey agreed, and she passed on the opportunity. The video dropped, we thought nothing of it and kept it moving.

Two years later, Big Poppa was brutally murdered, taken away from us way too fucking early. When I look at the above video, B.I.G.'s love interest being a poor imitation of wifey, I sometimes think "how effin cool would it have been for Mrs. CJ to be captured eternally on film with The King Of New York?" We laugh about it, and of course, there's no regrets. But she'd have another reason to pop her bad ass collar.

Fuck the killers and the bullshit corrupt cops that negligently fumbled the follow up investigation to B.I.G.'s death. You still the best Chris, these corney ass cRappers ain't got shit on you homie.



  1. Co-signal. Biggie = Undisputed GOAT

    Shit ain't been the same since this day 12 years ago.

  2. RIP Biggie. Diddy said that biggie was realy getting head on that track can you confirm that story CJ? Puff could hav told that story anyday of the year for 12 years but he picks the anniversary to say it.

    I agree with you CJ it would have been nice to have your wife in that vid. The kids grow up and want to see pictures and videos when their parents were young. Every since you described your wife on bcc I have wanted to see a picture of her and I wanted to see a picture of you too and you have one up now, no homo on wanting to see a mans picture. I know you had to protect your identity because of your stories exposing some private details of celebs and former celebs.

  3. Yo.. great post. Would be cool if Ms CJ was in the commercials.
    Funny how 40z fell the fuck off though. Niggaz went from bum beer to shit you didn't know how to pronounce until you heard it in a rap song.

  4. Yo, isn't it funny that he is rhyming over the same beat that would later spark the east/west feud? That is a DJ Pooh beat that was used for New York, New York on the Dogg Pound album