Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rihanna, Uhm, Yeah, She Caught It Pretty Bad

Here's a shot of Rihanna's face after she allegedly got beat upon by Chris Brown. Whatever went down, all's I can say is "dayum"!. No way she was gonna pull this one off at the Grammys. C. Breezy, it is not looking good for you potna'.

Courtesy of TMZ.


  1. Damn...that does look pretty effed up...

    But at the same time, could it be photoshopped? Swear the chick looks more like a Proactiv "Before" client than Ms. Good Girl Gone Bad...

    BTW: When did she get that XI-IV tat on her shoulder?

  2. ^ It's not photoshopped, the LAPD has acknowledged its legit and are launching an internal investigation to see how it was leaked.

  3. That tattoo she has is her best female friends birthday AKA her lesbian lover who she probably was bragging about when Chris Brown went Alabama Man on her head.

  4. cris is a bastad wot he did toy you
    you lookt so prity befor we all hope you pull threw
    luve you rianna xxxxxxxx