Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Not trying to revive some East Coast/ West Coast nonsense but can someone out there please educate me as to why "noted" Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy of Power 106 fame is helming New York's "premier" hip hop station Hot 97 in the morning? Not that I'm a rap radio guy like that, but I like my morning radio intelligent, informative, funny and sometimes controversial, especially since I'm in my car on the daily between 7am - 9am. This 'bama country shit right here is straight up insulting to the New York state of mind. Star and Bucwild was exceptional. Miss Jones was tolerable. Big Boy's Neighborhood In The Morning is basura. Jigaboo buffoonery at most. I dunno if I should be madder at the station for dissing us by forcing this travesty on us, or at New Yorkers in general for allowing this bullshit to go on in the first place. We can do better.

New York City lost. No stray shots though.


  1. I miss Star & Buc. In fact I'm still awaken by dance music every morning at 6:19 am because I'm too lazy to change my dial from Pulse87.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on that morning shufflerama called "The Steve Harvey Show"...

  2. I'm 100% witcha, CJ.
    The most irritating shit is not just that that Bama shit is airing on NYC radio, but that that shit is being pumped in. It's fucking syndicated programming. In NYC! The supposed #1 market in the country! You know I came from radio and that shit chafes my fucking ass [||]. They tried it with Tom Joyner and Doug Banks, now they're doing it with Kuntry-Koon-ass Steve Harvey and Big Boi... NYC lost the Rap civil war.
    Put yer white flags in the air.

  3. @blackneck Nah man, the RADIO lost the Hip Hop war, it's all online now. When's the last time you tuned in to hear a response record or interview? Actually... when's the last time you got a mixtape with a radio rip? I haven't heard Flex's bombs on a mixtape in 10 years. Radio is toast until they figure out how to get music on the web faster than bloggers.

  4. You're right about radio being out of it. There's been too much consolidation. Clinton's FCC media ownership deregulation turned a few radio conglomerates into monsters. And the internets is amorphous and quick to adapt. There's less radio talent being discovered and there's NO new music being broken by radio because all the stations are all owned by the same mufuckas and they're all playing the same shit. On the interview front though: I did hear Wendy Williams interviewing this dude named Mark Curry who's alleging that Puff paid Faith and Ms Wallace to keep silent on Big's death... and that Puff is the man behind it. Funny, I didn't know Wendy was still on... and Angie Martinez too!
    At the same time.. the fact that they're still playing country music on NY Hiphop stations and them bama syndicated niggas is a bad look.

  5. Trust. We about to bring it back. The New York Stand Up movement is upon us. Steve Harvey can get it too!

  6. Not from NY = Automatic Bamma?

    Cuz Eskay's been on that shyt too of late.

    Disclaimer: I have no love per se for Big Boy, nor his Radio skills.

    But in general, I need to know:

    Not from NY = Bamma?

    Cuz I've heard Pac was a bamma, Keak's a bamma, Hyphy is for Bammas, just read that Mithcy Slick is ultra Bamma. The south stay bamma'd out as far as I can tell from reading these fine interwebs.

    If it's a foregone conclusion, at least I can accept it and move on.


    (Waits for: "YOU are a bamma" comment...)

  7. "bamma" = ig'nant with some country ass swag.

  8. ^^ right
    You can be bamma and not be from the south.
    You can be from the south and not be country.
    You can be country and not be from the south.
    You can be country and not be bamma.

  9. New York has/had it's own unique style once upon a time and now it's lost. I'm not one for speaking ill of change and progress, but this ain't it. I've lived in NC now for the past three years and when I return to NYC and turn on the radio, there is no difference. I'm an old head that can remember Frankie Crocker as well as Star and Buc (I span the time frames). I am in NC and I appreciate the uniqueness of the South in all it's glory. I get comments every now and then that us "northeners" are fuckin' up the south by moving down here. Well in my opinion with several notable exceptions, the South has fucked up Hip Hop with mindless snap, crackle and pop kiddie music. Bamma, country, whatever, I miss Mtume and Bob Slade Open Line, some intelligent dialogue. Damn, enough venting.

  10. ^Big props for Frankie Crocker reference. Really,

  11. My generation grew up listening to Big Boi out here in So Cal so he gets mad love and the phone tap is everybody's favorite! lol...But welcome to LA's world. One of our so-called urban stations hasn't had a local DJ in about a year. Wendy Williams didn't even survive out here too long and they tried giving Mo'Nique a local spot in the summer but it was garbage.

    Anyhow, Big Boi can be a straight up coon but he does good interviews...the rappers love him and he gets Janet Jackson to come on and say all kinds of wildness.

  12. You ever hear his Westside Connection parody song? Waistline Connection "Chow Down"

    "It's the Big Boy the real McCoy pass me an Almond Joy / & a Snickers & a Twix & some chocolate Kix"