Friday, February 27, 2009

Hindudes Stay Losing

Thanks to Byron Crawford for pointing out how Chris Matthews absolutely detests Louisiana Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal. In reporting on Piyush's response to President Obama's speech this past Tuesday, Matthews lets fly out an "Oh God" in response to Piyush at the ten second mark. Hillarious shit, especially when you replay the clip and see how incredibly goofy Piyush's walk is. Looks like homie just stepped out the stock room from the back of your local 7-11, happy in that he's about to fuck up your high by announcing that they completely ran out of Mountain Dew. And chips.

Further props to Barack's Alter Ego for pushing the Jindal = Fail initiative. BAE is moving to replace the term FAIL with JINDAL. I'm with that. Or replacing FAIL with PIYUSH. I like Piyush better, maybe because the name is so much more ethnic and is so spot on in how it sounds unmistakenly like a Hindude's name.

As BAE eloquently points out, how effin bad must it be for Hindudes the world over to have wake up on a high on Monday morning , what with all the Sunday "Slumdog Millionaire" Oscars sweep, only to have that shit come violently crashing down because of Jindal's speech the following night. I'm surprised the Indian community hasn't yet declared Jihad against the good Governor. Epic PIYUSH!

I'm so with this. I mean, we changed the world once with the "No Homo" to "Nullus" back to "Pause" to "[||]" movement, didn't we? Everyone who's anyone is using [||] like that shit is going outta style. Let me know what you think, are you with this? And if so, what has the better ring to it, epic JINDAL or epic PIYUSH?


  1. PIYUSH...

    Simply because you can have fun with the myriad of syllabic emphasis. From a simple "piyush" to a more dramatic - "PIIIIII-YOOOOOOSH".

    BTW - Thanks for that tidbit about the homie's real name. For all the Barack Hussein Obama fragganackle by the Repubs and FOX. For a guy they're pushing to be the "Republican Obama" as far as presidential candidates, I wonder what their answer is about a former Hindu named Piyush Jindal.

  2. ^ I'm saying, I could see where "PIYOOOOOSH" would piss off the homies more, when they missed a shot, lost a game of chess or b-ball, when a nigga slips on some grease in the kitchen. Imagine how hillarious that would be when someone gets dunked on by Lebron and the crowd lets out a tremendous "PEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSH!!!!!" Like totally awesome!

  3. ^ a-one, that's an immigrant thing on some assimilate shit. I have a cousin, big ass tough mother fucker. Problem is, his parents named him "Yves Marie". In Haiti, that's a typical good Haitian boy name, here, the name means total fag. He comes here when he's like 6, and for the next 4 years, kids are picking on him 'cause of his gay name. He finally changes his shit to "IKE". By the time he's 16, he's down in Boston running a street gang and robbing kids for they milks and cookies. Ike sounds more American and less gay than Yves Marie, no matter how effin tough you are. Piyush = FAIL. Bobby, not so much.

  4. Yo.. I'm with changing it to Piyush = FAIL
    The sound has more versatility. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Yooooooooooooooosh!

    well done

  5. dude. why the hate on indian folks? yes jindal is a disgrace, but more a disgrace to the human race, as opposed to indians specifically.

    knowing you, i'm sure you don't mean any disrespect, however your readers may not catch the hint.

  6. ^ Fam, no Indian hate here potna, Cj loves everyone. And in my love, everyone gets it. I do respect your point and hopefully my readers will understand that no disrespect was meant. All races have their own type of funny.


  7. Hindudes needs to throw that fool Piyush under the bus.

    I like how you freaked it internets stylee with the 'PU~'. That shit is expressive with a minimum of keystrokes.

    PU~ is the new fail