Friday, January 16, 2009

"Notorious" Movie Review

Last night I spent two hours writing an in depth review about this piece. Was too difficult. Ended up writing like about 1,000 words. Can't decipher through that shit now. So, as to not having wasted the effort, I'ma keep it brief. "Notorious" is not the greatest biopic I've seen, but being the first official Hip Hop joint, what with me having experienced being a part of the extended Bad Boy fam, Christopher Wallace being a major part of the Brooklyn movement and B.I.G. being the G.O.A.T and what not, I LOVED IT!!! Some plot holes here and there, especially where it handles the whole East coast, West coast "beef", but thanks to the homies Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow, both who managed Big throughout his career and were involved in this flick as producers, so many of the movie's scenes were spot on factual. The Palladium scene where Funk Master Flex drops Craig Mack's "Flava In Your Ear" while a young Puff and crew is buying up the bar, mad factual. The whole niggas blowing gaskets 'cause a the wrong shoe size scene (if you haven't seen it yet, don't worry, it'll make sense), no embellishment. Mad props to Angela Bassett for channeling Voletta Wallace. A+ for effort to everyone else who acted in this piece. X-tra kudos to Dennis L.A. White who plays Damion "D-Roc" Butler, Big's closest friend who goes above and beyond what this thing called friendship is about. Anyone who knows D-Roc knows what kinda stand up knicca he is and White, who even resembles dude slightly, pulls of the emotional and physical sacrifices D-Roc has gone through for his crew, time and again. Whaddup D-Roc!!!!

Please see this on account that there's no Hollywood effery here. Like I said, not the greatest, but in terms of factual content, flawless. At the real B.I.G.'s funeral, shit was mad overwhelming, what with all the celebs, drama, paparazzi, plus the weight of the loss and senselessness that Christopher Wallace's loss represented, so much so that I was too busy taking in everything to truly feel the pain that so many people, including myself felt at the time. The "Notorious" funeral scene, including actual footage of the legendary Bed Stuy street procession celebration that took place had CJ really fighting back some tears I thought were already spent. Thinking about it even as I write this has me fighting back more tears. [||]. Yo, see this.

Plus, what with it being Martin Luther King weekend, Obama's inauguration coming up and theatre's being sold out from coast to coast for a movie about Biggie Smalls, seems like it's the Black people heaven weekend we've been dreaming about, for like forever.


  1. "Btwn the BIG flick, MLK weekend and the inauguration there is some white supremacist in Iowa beating the shit outta his wife and kids now" - Dallas Penn via Twitter

    "the wife and kids better not even flip channels through BET lest they catch an even more severe beatdown" - me

  2. Since you lived through some of those events, I'm glad to hear it was spot on in a lot of ways...but I did not like this film all that much. I just saw the last part of that Peter Spirer doc on Biggie and I enjoyed that more.

    The acting was good but the cinematography drove me nuts. Why the director chose to do so many close ups, I don't know. The end brought it all together even though I cringed through the 1st 45 mins. I cried my eyes out during the funeral scenes which is probably why I didn't like it. I should've never went to see a movie that I KNEW up front would have a tragic ending.

    On a lighter note, I had to stop myself from laughing because dude sounded like every interview I've seen of Biggie with all that heavy breathing. And, do you know what D-Roc is up to now? I was moved by his loyalty and the wisdom he shared with his friend.

  3. ^ Would'ja believe D-Roc did another bid behind that Lil' Kim bullshit that happened a coupla years ago. HE DID THE SAME SHIT FOR KIM!!! He just got out. I ran into him in Midtown last month, in a swanky restaurant with some major music execs. I gave dude mad love. Maybe he needs a movie made about him, or at least an effin book!!!

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  5. Nice post. I saw the movie last week and while it wasn't the best movie I've seen, It sure as hell aint the hot gahbij they reviewed on TV. Gravy nailed the Biggie persona, while Naturi Naughton straight murdered the Lil Kim part, with her sexy ass! Even if you dont like the movie, the funeral procession scenes will f*ck you up, everytime.

    Feb. GQ actually gave a good review for the movie too. (WTF!?!?!)

    "...something we didn't expect to love? The new Biggie film, Notorious. Sure, there are reasons to hesitate..."

  6. Thanks for the review. I need to check this out.

    Did they show the beatdown he and crew rained on my man Hawk?

    -Chief Racka

  7. Thought the movie was decent but didn't really do a good job of conveying why BIG's had such a huge impact on hip hop or why he's considered the GOAT by many.

  8. Interesting Reggie. Maybe I do need to go see this then, based on your thoughts.